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Here at Michael McGivern Golf we are specialists in using TrackMan. With over 10 years experience in using Trackman, we can use the technology to improve any golfer and make the information easy to understand.

TrackMan is the number 1 choice for swing and ball flight analysis used by leading golf authorities such as the PGA TOUR, The R&A, leading golf club manufacturers, PGA Tour Players, and Tour Coaches.

TrackMan is also world leader in ball flight radar technology enabling the tracking of 3D ball flight measurements, analysis of club face positions, measurements of swing paths, plus much more.

This Doplar Radar measurement device has pushed TrackMan to the forefront of the modern game and no serious golf instructor should be coaching without it. TrackMan has set the industry standards for accuracy in golf and is used by elite players such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Graeme McDowell.

We pride ourselves in using the best technology available. From using TrackMan in lessons our players have a better understanding of how changes to technique have an immediate effect on ball flight and accuracy. More importantly using TrackMan lets us know immediately whether a change has had a positive or negative effect. Feedback such as this instills a huge amount of confidence into our players, knowing that they can trust their new movements and swing changes straight away.

With TrackMan there is no guess work. Swing path and club face positions are understood and explained more simply between teacher and student. With feedback through TrackMan you will see immediate improvement to your ball flight no matter what swing style you may have developed. This is why imperfect swings still win golf tournaments!

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Trackman Video Analysis30 Mins£30Michael McGivern
Trackman Video Analysis60 Mins£50Michael McGivern