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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Training Programs

We offer completely customized coaching programs using state-of-the-art equipment and unique training methods to lower your scores and take your game to the next level.


Swing Technique, Trackman Performance, Short Game, Putting and Your Golfing Brain are just some of the topics we aim to improve to better your scores!

Group classes for gents, ladies and juniors are organised throughout the year.

Keep a look out on twitter for upcoming dates and times – @McGivernGolf

To develop your coaching program your first appointment will include a 15 minute assessment of your game, time and goals.
This allows us to tailor a program that fits your individual needs whilst remembering that everyone has different lifestyle commitments and time constraints. 

 Whether it’s a lesson on the course, practice ground, putting studio, or mind session, at Michael McGivern Golf we aim to improve your game in every possible way. 

 Why don’t you book into one of our teaching programs today! Feel free to contact a member of our coaching staff if you have any questions about our coaching programs 

As we continue to grow at Michael McGivern Golf, we have continued to add to our industry leading technology. We are delighted to announce that we are now the first to use BodiTrak force plate technology in Ireland.

BodiTrak specialises in how the golfer interacts with the ground. Ground force and pressure data are presented in real-time imagery.  Data that can be  measured includes: vertical force, pressure, center of pressure traces, center of pressure velocity and centre of pressure displacement. This may sound overly complicated but with BodiTrak’s user friendly interface, data can be easily interpreted by students.

Visual graphs and real-time feedback enhance the experience for the golfer. We all use the ground in our golf swings, whether we realise it or not. Players like Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy are all pushing off the ground to increase power and club head speed in their golf games. So why not call in with us to see how efficient your ground reaction forces are and learn what your ground force patterns are. BodiTrak has the added advantage of having completely wireless versatility that works anywhere.  Any shot and any lie can be replicated.  Full swing, short game and putting can all be analysed.

For further information on BodiTrak please visit
Mind Game
The mental side of golf plays a huge part in game improvement even though many of today’s amateur golfers completely overlook it. Some would say as much as 70% of a players success relates to their mental ability alone, while the other 30% is down to the mechanics of swinging the club.

We believe that mental coaching is 100% apart of game improvement and can improve your game by up to 5 shots more quickly than working on the golf swing alone. Mental coaching is not just for the elite player either as some golfers may believe.  Learning and successfully implementing techniques such as concentrating properly, managing your emotions, and finishing off rounds strongly are factors that can hugely benefit players of all abilities.

Many golfers have basic mental game issues to address such as managing frustration, developing a consistent pre-shot routine, removing doubt over a shot, and more importantly, making sure we do not lose our love for the game. We must train ourselves to focus and commit to every single shot we encounter to the best of our ability whilst out on those fairways.

Using techniques and strategies from ‘The Mind Factor’ and ‘Train Your Brain’ we will assess your preparation on:
Before you play
When you are playing
Walking in between shots
After you play

We believe that the worlds best players are not simply born with great mental strength, they are trained to have great mental strength.  Train your brain today!
MySwing Pro 3D
Here at Michael McGivern Golf we are always looking to have the latest and most innovative technology at our disposal to help our students play better golf. We have taken this to the next level with the recent addition of MySwing Pro 3D.

MySwing Pro is the state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full body motion capture. The completely wireless 17 sensor system allows us to suit up a golfer within minutes and analyse the speeds, velocities and angles of every body part during a golf swing. The feedback received from the MySwing 3D is unmatched in any other technology.

3D allows us to capture data that 2D can simply not tell us. Any issues can be pinpointed straight away which saves both the player and coach valuable time. 3D data can then be linked to 2D video and TrackMan ball flight information. This approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the search for better golf.

At Michael McGivern Golf we like to have quantifiable data so there is absolutely no guessing when assessing a students golf swing.  We believe the combination of MySwing Pro 3D, TrackMan technology and our high tech video software allows us to give any level of golfer the most complete golfing experience in the country. This is the same technology being used by the worlds best golfers.

For further information on MySwing Pro 3D please visit -

Book a MySwing Pro 3D session today!

Our exclusive indoor putting studio helps golfers of all abilities to improve their putting stroke, aim, setup, and body mechanics.  A little less than half of the shots we take during a round of golf are made on the putting green, yet we spend little or no time on proper putting instruction.

Our putting studio allows us to analyse a players putting stroke, measure ball roll, and check putter specifications. We use state of the art video equipment to check proper setup positions and use the Quintic Ball Roll system to measure clubface aim, speed, path, and centeredness of strike (to name just a few).

If during a putting session we find that your putter is not fitted to you correctly, we have all the necessary fitting tools to adjust your putter instantly.  Lie angle, length and loft of a putter are the main variables that have influence on good ball roll which is necessary for your putt to stay on line.

Book your Putting session today!

Quintic Ball Roll

Here at Michael McGivern Golf we have continued to add to our industry leading technology with the latest addition of Quintic Ball Roll. We are delighted to announce that we are the first and only golf facility in Ireland housing Quintic.

Quintic Ball Roll systems specialise in the performance of both the golf club and ball throughout impact, capturing at 720 frames per second, without any attachments to either the player or club. This makes it the number 1 putting technology for coaching and custom fitting in the world. With over 45 variables measured we can get to the root cause of any golfer’s problems after only a few putts. Key variables recorded include face angle, twist, club path, launch angle, shaft angle, attack angle, rotation rates, skid, and side spin to name just a few.

The main advantage of Quintic compared to any other putting technology is that it measures exactly what the putter AND the ball is doing. Without knowing exactly what the golf ball is doing, any changes in what the putter is doing is meaningless. Quintic also has no attachments to add onto the putter or player, meaning the true feel and weight of the putter is not compromised.

Quintic has set the industry standards for accuracy in putting and has been used by major winners such as Padriag Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Danny Willett and Henrik Stenson. With Quintic there is no guess work. Putter and ball performance are understood and explained more simply between teacher and student. With feedback through Quintic you will see immediate improvements, which will ultimately lead to more putts holed!

For further information on Quintic please visit -

Book a Quintic session today!

TPI Fitness

The Titleist Performance Institute has spent the last 20 years studying the world’s greatest players analysing how their body movements can directly affect the golf swing.

Have you ever wondered how someone such as Bryson DeChambeau won the U.S. Open with his unconventional golf swing? Or have you ever been amazed how players such as Jim Furyk or Matt Wolff have had successful careers with such unorthodox golf swings?

The answers lie in how they generate speed and transfer this speed into their golf swing. The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have the same kinematic sequence, which is the ability to generate speed and transfer energy efficiently through their bodies.  If you where to compare Tiger Woods’ kinematic sequence to Jim Furyk’s there would be very little difference.  Even though their golf swings don't look anything alike at all.

TPI’s Philosophy of the golf swing -     

“We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club.  But we do believe that there is one efficient way for all golfers to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.”

We are aware that swing faults can be directly related to the physical limitations of a person which can include a lack of flexibility, reduced mobility, poor range of body motions, stability issues, and poor strength and conditioning levels.  All of these result in the inability to sequence the movements of the golf swing in the correct order causing a lack of power and accuracy.

We use the Titleist Performance Institute for golf specific health and fitness information.  Through years of meticulous research and testing carried out on the world’s top golfers, TPI has pinpointed the physical limitations that result in specific swing flaws.  Following the TPI guidelines we can carry out a physical screening of a golfer, identify their physical issues, and recommend TPI certified exercises to resolve the problem.

TPI plays a vital role in team and individual player programs throughout the season.  Michael and his team are qualified TPI fitness instructors allowing them to coach and guide clients through the use of TPI, while also helping them set up their own online ‘MyTPI’ accounts. This offers them exhaustive information on golf specific exercises, workouts, and programs relating to their individual swing.


Here at Michael McGivern Golf we are specialists in using TrackMan.  With over 20 years experience, being the first to bringTrackMan into Ireland, we can use the technology to improve any golfer and make the information easy to understand.

TrackMan is the number 1 choice for swing and ball flight analysis used by leading golf authorities such as the PGA TOUR, The R&A, leading golf club manufacturers, PGA Tour Players, and Tour Coaches.

They are also the world leader in ball flight radar technology enabling the tracking of 3D ball flight measurements, analysis of club face positions, measurements of swing paths, plus much more.

This Doplar Radar measurement device has pushed TrackMan to the forefront of the modern game and no serious golf instructor should be coaching without it. TrackMan has set the industry standards for accuracy in golf and is used by elite players such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Graeme McDowell.

We pride ourselves in using the best technology available.  Using TrackMan in lessons allows our players to have a better understanding of how changes to their technique has an immediate effect on their ball flight and accuracy.  More importantly using TrackMan lets us know immediately whether a change has had a positive or negative effect.  Feedback such as this instills a huge amount of confidence into our players, knowing that they can trust their new movements and swing changes straight away.

With TrackMan there is no guess work.  Swing path and club face positions are understood and explained more simply between teacher and student. With feedback through TrackMan you will see immediate improvement to your ball flight no matter what swing style you may have developed. This is why imperfect swings still win golf tournaments!

For further information on TrackMan please visit

Book a TrackMan session today!

Video Lessons

Video is a vital part of our teaching analysis enabling us to view and explain your swing movements more clearly: ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.

TrackMan Video gives us the opportunity to analyse movement as never before, comparing your swing against the worlds’ top professional players such as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.  If you want to play like the best then you better watch the best.  Video analysis allows us to do this in great detail and shows you the areas that we can improve on.

With on screen drawing tools, action replay facilities, simultaneous multi-camera capture, plus signing up to your MyTrackMan account is vital for your game improvement.

Book a video lesson today!

MyTrackMan account

What is your MyTrackman account? Your MyTrackMan account allows us to record all of your video lessons. Your lessons are then uploaded to our website and with your unique username and password you will be able to view your progress and swing work at any time.


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