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Quintic Ball Roll

Here at Michael McGivern Golf we have continued to add to our industry leading technology with the latest addition of Quintic Ball Roll. We are delighted to announce that we are the first and only golf facility in Ireland housing Quintic.

Quintic Ball Roll systems specialise in the performance of both the golf club and ball throughout impact, capturing at 720 frames per second, without any attachments to either the player or club. This makes it the number 1 putting technology for coaching and custom fitting in the world.

With over 45 variables measured we can get to the root cause of any golfer’s problems after only a few putts. Key variables recorded include face angle, twist, club path, launch angle, shaft angle, attack angle, rotation rates, skid, and side spin to name just a few.

The main advantage of Quintic compared to any other putting technology is that it measures exactly what the putter AND the ball is doing. Without knowing exactly what the golf ball is doing, any changes in what the putter is doing is meaningless. Quintic also has no attachments to add onto the putter or player, meaning the true feel and weight of the putter is not compromised.

Quintic has set the industry standards for accuracy in putting and has been used by major winners such as Padriag Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Danny Willett and Henrik Stenson.

With Quintic there is no guess work. Putter and ball performance are understood and explained more simply between teacher and student. With feedback through Quintic you will see immediate improvements, which will ultimately lead to more putts holed!

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Quintic Ball Roll Analysis60 Mins£50 (Member Price)Michael McGivern
Quintic Ball Roll Analysis90 Mins£75 (Member Price)Michael McGivern
Quintic Ball Roll Analysis60 Mins£60 (Visitor Price)Michael McGivern
Quintic Ball Roll Analysis90 Mins£90 (Visitor Price)Michael McGivern