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Our exclusive indoor putting studio helps golfers of all abilities to improve their putting stroke, aim, setup, and body mechanics.  A little less than half of the shots we take during a round of golf are made on the putting green, yet we spend little or no time on proper putting instruction.

Our putting studio allows us to analyse a players putting stroke, measure ball roll, and check putter specifications. We use state of the art video equipment to check proper setup positions and use the Quintic Ball Roll system to measure clubface aim, speed, path, and centeredness of strike (to name just a few).

If during a putting session we find that your putter is not fitted to you correctly, we have all the necessary fitting tools to adjust your putter instantly.  Lie angle, length and loft of a putter are the main variables that have influence on good ball roll which is necessary for your putt to stay on line.

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Putting Analysis
30 Mins£30Michael McGivern
Putting Analysis60 Mins£50Michael McGivern