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Pricing & Packages

Lesson Packages with TrackMan –

Standard lessons are available in 30 and 60 minute sessions, with discounts for a course of 5 lessons. Lessons and packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs covering areas of the game such as driving, chipping and putting. Trackman video analysis will be used in all standard lessons to pinpoint areas that may need addressed. TrackMan is the most accurate 3D ball flight and swing analysis tool in the world that merges video analysis with factual data parameters. With the use of TrackMan, faults can be pinpointed immediately meaning that a plan of action can be created much faster for the student. For further information on TrackMan please visit -

Member/Academy Member Prices –

*(Please call the professional staff on 02890 646714, option 2 to take advantage of and book any lesson packages).

Junior Under 18 Lesson Packages -

Junior lessons are available in 30 minute session packages of 5. Lesson packages can be tailored to suit junior individual needs covering areas of the game such as driving, chipping and putting. All standards of play are catered for ranging from total beginners to the elite junior golfer. The main goal is for the junior to have fun while improving.

MySwing Pro 3D Lessons -

MySwing Pro is the state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full body motion capture. The completely wireless 17 sensor system allows us to suit up a golfer within minutes and analyse the speeds, velocities and angles of every body part during a golf swing. 3D allows us to capture data that 2D can simply not tell us. The feedback received from the MySwing Pro 3D is unmatched in any other technology.

Quintic Ball Roll Lessons -

The Quintic Ball Roll system specialises in the performance of both the golf club and ball throughout impact, capturing at 720 frames per second, without any attachments to either the player or club. This makes it the number 1 putting technology for coaching and custom fitting in the world. With over 45 variables measured we can get to the root cause of any golfer’s problems after only a few putts. With Quintic there is no guess work.

On Course Lessons -

On course lessons have the benefit of more closely resembling ‘real golf’. These take place on the golf course, as the player and coach will cover a variety of topics such as course management, shot selection and routine. The main goal of these lessons is to improve how you manage your game around the golf course and ultimately learn how to score better.

Group Lessons -

Group lessons are available in 60 minute sessions. These lessons can be tailored to meet the group needs. Any aspect of the game can be covered and all levels of play are catered for. Maximum number in a group is 6 people and minimum is 4 people.