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MySwing Pro 3D

Here at Michael McGivern Golf we are always looking to have the latest and most innovative technology at our disposal to help our students play better golf. We have taken this to the next level with the recent addition of MySwing Pro 3D.

MySwing Pro is the state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full body motion capture. The completely wireless 17 sensor system allows us to suit up a golfer within minutes and analyse the speeds, velocities and angles of every body part during a golf swing. The feedback received from the MySwing 3D is unmatched in any other technology.

3D allows us to capture data that 2D can simply not tell us. Any issues can be pinpointed straight away which saves both the player and coach valuable time. 3D data can then be linked to 2D video and TrackMan ball flight information. This approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the search for better golf.

At Michael McGivern Golf we like to have quantifiable data so there is absolute no guessing when assessing a students golf swing. We believe the combination of MySwing Pro 3D, TrackMan technology and our high tech video software allows us to give any level of golfer the most complete golfing experience in the country. This is the same technology being used by the worlds best golfers.

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MySwing Pro 3D Analysis60 Mins£70Michael McGivern
MySwing Pro 3D Analysis90 Mins£90Michael McGivern