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Mind Game

The mental side of golf plays such an important part in game improvement even though many of today’s golfers completely overlook it. Some say as much as 70% of a players success relates to their mental ability alone, while the other 30% is down to the mechanics of swinging the club.

We believe that mental coaching is 100% apart of game improvement and can improve your game by up to 5 shots more quickly than working on the golf swing alone.

Mental coaching is not just for the elite player as some golfers may believe. Learning and successfully implementing techniques on concentrating properly on the golf course, managing your emotions, and finishing off rounds strongly are factors that can hugely benefit players of all abilities.

Many golfers have basic mental game issues to address such as managing frustration, developing a consistent pre-shot routine, removing doubt over a shot, and most importantly, making sure we do not lose our love for the game through sheer anger. We must train ourselves to focus and commit to every single shot we encounter to the best of our ability.

Using techniques and strategies from ‘The Mind Factor’ and ‘Train Your Brain’ we will assess your preparation on:

  • Before you play
  • When you are playing
  • Walking in between shots
  • After you play

We believe that the worlds best players are not simply born with great mental strength, they are trained to have great mental strength.  Train your brain today!