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As we continue to grow at Michael McGivern Golf, we have continued to add to our industry leading technology. We are delighted to announce that we are now owners of BodiTrak technology. 

BodiTrak specialises in how the golfer interacts with the ground. Ground force and pressure data are presented in real-time. Data that can be  measured include vertical force, pressure, center of pressure traces, center of pressure velocity and displacement.

This may sound overly complicated but with BodiTrak’s user friendly interface, data can be easily interpreted by students. Visual graphs and real-time feedback enhance the experience for the golfer. 

We all use the ground in our golf swings, whether we realise it or not. Players like Bubba Watson, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy are all pushing off the ground to create their power and speed. So why not call in with us to see how efficient your ground reaction forces are and learn your patterns.

BodiTrak has the added advantage of having complete wireless versatility that works anywhere. Any shot and any lie can be replicated. Full swing, short game and putting can all be analysed.

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