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The Professional Shop

Need Golf Equipment? Irons? Woods? Putters? Bags? Clothing? Wetsuits? Shoes? We have it all! Our Pro Shop has Professional and friendly staff who take pride in giving you the best advice, best equipment, and best price.

Equipment really does have a major affect on how you play and therefore a direct impact on your enjoyment of the game. Unfortunately, too many times we see people using clubs which have been miss-sold, not fitted correctly, and are totally unsuitable for their level of play. In fact, an extremely high percentage of golfers are using equipment which is detrimental to their game and in turn does not allow them to reach their golfing potential.

Golf Performance Analysis is our expertise so call in today and buy with confidence. We are here to make you play better!

Can’t call in? Then send us an email to and we will get back to you with proper advice on what you should buy.  Also check out our latest offers page or visit us on eBay to pick up a bargain!




We offer all our customers the guarantee of our Price Beat + policy, If you find a product cheaper in another store but wish to buy from us, we will not only match the price but we will also offer you a further 10% credit.