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Callaway Custom Fitting

Choosing your ideal clubhead and shaft combination has never been easier with Callaway Golf. Callaway believe that custom fitting should be quick, easy and accurate. The Callaway Fitting System gives you an unparalleled array of fitting clubs to work with while fitting you, virtually eliminating the guesswork out of being fit for your new Callaway clubs.

OptiFit Technology

I-MIX gives you the ultimate in driver flexibility while OptiFit clubs replicate the look, feel and performance of production clubs. The Callaway driver fitting platform uses I-MIX technology. I-MIX interchangeable heads and shafts offer the ability to get fit into your ideal driver from the fitting cart and then purchase the identical configuration. I-MIX also lets you reconfigure your driver to meet the unique challenges and conditions of every round with interchangeable heads and shafts. This technology provides for future customization so your equipment can change as your game does.

Callaway Golf engineers have designed OptiFit Fitting System irons to make them indistinguishable from the actual iron a consumer will put in play. The swing weight and center of gravity location are virtually identical to the finished production club with no discernible difference in terms of playability, feel and performance.

With a wide variety of wood heads and shafts the possible configurations are endless. Each shaft can be interchanged with any clubhead so you will have no uncertainty as to how a particular shaft and head will perform for your unique swing.

In addition, there are 12 irons heads and 20 shafts for a total of 240 unique iron configurations. Choose from stock and custom shafts available in varying lengths and flexes, as well as iron heads in a variety of lie angles.