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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting has become a vital part of today’s game.  Club manufacturers have currently reached their limits with materials that can be used in making golf clubs.  Most notably the progression from wooden heads through to titanium has seen the biggest change in golf clubs over recent years.  Club head size and spring effect face compression have both had legal limits enforced on them by the R&A.

Optimising your ball flight through launch and spin analysis is the only sure way to increase your distance and accuracy.  Here at Michael McGivern Golf we are equipped with the world’s leading launch monitor TrackMan which is housed in our state-of-the-art Performance Centre. TrackMan allows us to precisely measure your launch conditions which in turn gives us the knowledge to correctly select loft, lie, shaft flex, shaft type, and club type that best matches your individual requirements. One size does not fit all!

Ensuring your equipment is made to measure is also a key component in achieving a reliable swing shape. Simply put, poor golf shots will occur if your clubs are not fitted to your individual size and style. Without realising, golfers alter their swing technique to compensate for poor club fitting. Even the best players in the world rely on custom fitting specialists to ensure their equipment matches their unique launch conditions, swing style, and physique.

Whether you are looking to buy your first set of golf clubs or are investing in the latest technology, our team will be happy to take you through this enjoyable process. 90% of our customers need alterations to their clubs and are not just buying standard off the rack equipment. Do not assume standard clubs will allow you to reach your maximum golfing potential. Our custom fitting sessions are also created so that you get the opportunity to try before you buy.

Custom Fit TypeDurationPrice
Iron Custom Fit30 Mins£25
Driver Custom Fit30 Mins£25
Fairway Custom Fit30 Mins£25
Full Set Custom Fit60 Mins£50
Putter Custom Fit60 Mins£50